"Award-winning and bestselling author Dowell has created an intricate, laugh-out-loud story, in which readers will recognize themselves and their own classmates through the 20 distinct perspectives that emerge as confessions and pieces of the mysteries fall into place. Intrigue is high, lessons are learned about those who we think are different from us, and friendships shift as easily -- as do the tides. Dowell's characters are unquestionably realistic, and the story has twists and turns that will keep kids glued to the page. Read-aloud possibilities are endless for this fun mystery, which is a must for every sixth-grade classroom library."

—Booklist,  starred review

"The many views and diverse cast create a complex, thought-provoking, and entertaining view of middle school.”

—Publishers Weekly

“Every person that reads this book with identify with at least one student in the class ... I will not only be buying several copies of this for my school library but will recommend this as a read aloud to the classroom teachers.”

—Goodreads Review

Twenty Kids. Twenty points of view. One rambunctious, brilliantly conceived novel that corrals the seeming chaos (c’mon, TWENTY points of view!) into one effervescent story.

Sixth grade is a MOST confusing time. Best friends aren’t friends anymore. Worst enemies suddenly want to be partners in crime. And classmates you thought you knew have all sorts of surprising stuff going on. The kids in Mrs. Herrera’s class are dealing with all these things and more—specifically, three more:

1. There’s a new girl who just seems to be spying on them all and scribbling things in a notebook. Maybe she IS a spy?
2. Someone is stealing all of Mrs. Herrera’s most treasured items.
3. Their old classmate, Sam, keeps showing up and no one knows why…until they do.

Which leads to a fourth problem. But we can’t tell you about that yet. The twenty kids in Mrs. Herrera’s classroom can, though, and they do.

Every. Single. One. Of. Them.